Miracles of Modern Science

Hey, Evan ... It's Joe Mancuso. Sorry i'm a lame-ass for taking so long to get on the list and stuff. I'll jump on the Patreon, too, for at least a little bit to get started. Love the new videos and still think you're doing amazing stuff.

If you would, please put me on the mailing list for _all_ locations. I want to pitch you to friends i have in other locations when you're playing there. Still hoping to catch you next time you're nearby (and buy some signed stuff!).

Until then, thanks again for the inspiration and hang in there!! Best,


Miracles of Modern Science responded on 12/19/2016

Hey Joe, good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words and the Patreon pledge! Sure, we'll keep you posted on all our shows. We're spread out across the country now, so there may not be any for a little while.

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