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so is kansas by chance a state you might want to come play in at some point ? also I play mandolin and guitar but I have a quick question for the mando player.....any advice you can share with me to help my own playing ?

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 11/15/2016

I haven't had a mandolin lesson in 12 years, so I don't have a great sense of the best technique/theory books or lessons out there (if you find good ones, tell me!), but I'll say this:

There's no magic bullet that replaces practice—just putting in hours and hours of playing at consistent intervals over time. So the question to ask yourself is this: what inspires you to pick up the mandolin? Is it plugging into a loop pedal and layering parts until you have a mando wall of sound? Is it downloading tabs and learning to play along to your favorite bands? Is it finding other likeminded musicians (maybe they play violin, cello, upright bass, and drums? :P) and writing tunes together? Is it going deep into classic bluegrass; or maybe going the opposite direction and playing funk or metal?

Whatever your answer is... Do it! A lot! And send us recordings of the results.

Not sure when we'll be heading through Kansas again, but we had a great time last time around. We'll keep you posted.

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