Miracles of Modern Science

Hey guys! What type of pickups/amplification do you use on your instruments? I just recently bought the headway "band" pickup for my violin and it picks up everything and there is a lot of feedback. I caught your last show in Chicago and have been a huge fan ever since!!!

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 01/03/2016

Yeah, we haven't had great experiences with the Band.

Evan/bass - Fishman Full Circle pickup + F Deck HPF Pre preamp
Kirin/cello - Schertler STAT-C pickup + LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI
Kieran/violin - StringAmp & piezo pickups blended with a Mackie mixer + LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI

The Baggs DI can notch out tricky frequencies to help with feedback.

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