Miracles of Modern Science

Do you have need for an opener for your Charlottesville, VA show or any others in the region? My band and I would love to meet you and play a show together! LOVE your instrument combination!! I've often wondered what a humorous, quirky sans-guitar, sans-keyboard pop group would sound like. Now I know! Thank you guys for being awesome!

Fritz Schindler
Contagious Folk 'n' Roll
Radford, VA

Site: http://www.fritzschindler.com
Email: info@fritzschindler.com
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YouTube: http://j.mp/fritz-youtube
iTunes: http://j.mp/fritz-sunlight-itunes
Twitter: @fritzschindler
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fritzschindler

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 08/04/2015

Thanks for the kind words! I think we're all set for Cville, but it'd be great to meet you if you want to come out to the show.

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