Miracles of Modern Science

Loved seeing you in Chicago. How do you write your music? Are the arrangements a collaborative process?

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 07/03/2015

Thanks, Jenny! We had fun in Chicago and look forward to being back this fall.

It depends on the song, but often we'll start with a small idea from one member, improvise on it and flesh it out as a group, then gradually refine it through a mix of individual and group tinkering.
Evan and Josh write the bulk of the lyrics, and usually we'll switch between "lead" and "support" roles from song to song.

We used to always finish writing and arranging before going into the studio, and our recorded songs were very faithful to the live versions. But on Mean Dreams (our first recorded in our home studio) we did some writing "in the box" for the first time – we'd record unfinished ideas and rearrange them in Pro Tools until structures emerged, and only later try to translate them back to live performance.

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