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Hey guys, my name is Spencer Sandvig and I haven't wrote to you guys in a while but anyway I am trying to become a musician and I have more than a few questions on how i might do this. To be honest I am just downright scared doing this as a profession, but it's something I love to do and it's something I want to do for the rest of my life and with saying this I hope you guys can answer this for me. First off. Where do you start off? I keep coming up with plans that I put allot of time into and I think They are really good but I dont know where exactly to get it out into the world. Second, I know that musicians are generally poor so I ask. What do you do for money while you are trying to make it? and third. Have you guys ever just sat down and said. is being a musician really worth our time? Thank you so much, please write back soon, I think you guys are fantastic musicians

With much much love, Spencer

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 08/26/2014

Hi Spencer,
Take any advice with a grain of salt – no one really knows what they're doing in the music biz, least of all us. That said, I would start by just making as much music as you can. Don't get too attached to any idea - finish it quickly, put it out, and move on. You'll get better at writing the more you do, and you'll increase your odds of having a "hit" if you have a lot of stuff out there.
Play any show you can get. Think of every show as practice.
Don't think about trying to make a living at it for at least a few years - you'll waste time and energy better spent playing/writing. Give all your songs away for free, play free gigs, make covers and put them on YouTube, etc. etc. Ideally find a flexible job that lets you take time off to tour, otherwise do what you can with weekends and vacation days.
Don't spend too much time on promotion, etc. If your stuff is good, people will share it. However, networking always helps. Make friends wherever you can.
Hope this helps...

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