Miracles of Modern Science

Thank you for answering my last question so quickly.first I'd like to ask how you guys come up with song. Dos one person come up with the lyrics and have a somewhat beat and just continue of from there or did one person writes the entire song for each instrument? I also wanted to know how you guys record your music. Is each persons instrument recorded separately and than mashed together, or do you ask play at once and have one big recording?


Miracles of Modern Science responded on 04/25/2014

Josh and I (Evan) used to write all the songs together and bring them to the group fully formed, but over the years it's become more of a collaborative process. Nowadays, a song usually starts with a small instrumental idea that we improvise on and flesh out as a group. Lyrics have almost always come last – we write vocal melodies and then find words that fit. But we're experimenting with changing that formula on our newest material.
As for recording, we don't have the space to record everyone at once, unfortunately, so we usually start with drums and build from there. But we still try to restrict the arrangements to what we can play live with the five of us.

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