Miracles of Modern Science

Im a new musician and i've been considering this to be a full on career, and i wanted to know the kind of the pros and cons about this kind of job. going from the amount of work you have to put in or just how it is not making any money in the begining. I hope you reply soon
sincerely, Spencer Sandvig

Miracles of Modern Science responded on 04/23/2014

Well, they say don't go into the arts if you can imagine yourself doing anything else...

Quitting my day job felt necessary and inevitable when I did it, but I definitely miss the comfortable lifestyle and financial security at times. Feeling pressure to support yourself on music can also make the process less fun and make you feel less creative. Also keep in mind that we'd been a band for 6 years before I quit my day job, and 8 or so years before my bandmates quit theirs –- and we still haven't "made it" in any conventional sense. That's not to say that your career couldn't develop faster, but for most it's a long haul.

I can't speak to your particular situation without knowing more detail, but generally I'd recommend keeping a separate income source as long as you can.


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